We all know the hazards of asbestos; it has been well researched and documented. And asbestos roof removal and disposal can be costly. The Rainfast seamless liquid waterproofing systems offer a cost effective and safe solution by consolidating and making waterproof the existing asbestos surface.

How we do it

The first step in the process is to remove any fungal growth with an effective, but environmentally friendly biocide. We take great care to ensure that all potential sources of water ingress are sealed before we coat the roof including bolt heads, vent and flue penetrations, rooflights, cracks and failing joins in sheets. That is why you can be sure of a system that stands the test of time and significantly extends the life expectancy of your roof.

Our fast application of liquid waterproofing leaves the asbestos completely encapsulated, therefore free of harmful dust and safe for employees and customers to operate around. Our spray applied seamless waterproofing systems can be applied at a rapid rate of up to 800 sq/m per day on pitched roofs. They were initially developed as an application for making safe old and degrading asbestos roofs and have been further developed over years of extensive testing for use on other surfaces such as corrugated metal, fiber cement and GRP. They have outstanding adhesive qualities which make them ideal for consolidating dusty asbestos surfaces or delaminating plastisol coated metal sheets.

Roof lights are a common source of leaks in a roof either because of failing joints where they overlap adjoining sheets or fractures in the material. Occasionally we may recommend replacement of a roof light if it is damaged beyond repair but in most cases we can clean, detail and waterproof with our seamless liquid systems.

All sources of leaks can be eliminated by our seamless liquid waterproofing systems which benefit from up to 25 year guarantees – often exceeding the guarantee you will get with a replacement roof, costing considerably less and with no disruption.