Our seamless liquid waterproofing systems are suitable for all types of flat roofs including felt, asphalt, single ply membrane, timber and concrete roofs as well as for gutter repair and waterproofing.

There are many potential sources of leaks in flat roofs including at joins, vent and flue penetrations, upstands, flashing breaking down, standing water causing ponding, gutters over topping and roof lights. All potential leak sources can be eliminated by our seamless liquid waterproofing systems which benefit from up to 25 year guarantees – often exceeding the guarantee you will get with a replacement roof, costing considerably less and with no disruption.

Single Ply Membrane Roof Repairs & Waterproofing

Most of the projects we undertake to coat single ply membrane roofs are a result of joints failing and seals to upstands, flue and vent penetrations breaking down. Our liquid applied seamless systems are the perfect long-term solution as we completely encapsulate the single ply membrane roof.

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Concrete Roof Repairs & Waterproofing

Concrete is generally less susceptible to damage from water, fungal growth, heat etc. as a roof substrate, but can crack and leak. In fact concrete roofs are a perfect substrate for our seamless liquid waterproofing systems.

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Timber Roof Repairs & Waterproofing

Increasingly, we are asked to design solutions for seamless liquid applied waterproofing systems for new builds with plywood decking as the roof substrate. Our products and installation process of cleaning, priming, detailing and seamless coating are perfect for ensuring full waterproof integrity around all mechanical connections, gutters and penetrations. We can even offer a choice of colours to satisfy personal design requirements.

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Pitched Roof Repair

Although mastic asphalt roofs are thought to be one of the most reliable of flat roof systems, we are often asked to seamlessly coat an old and worn asphalt roof with our liquid applied system to provide a seamless, watertight and guaranteed solution.

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Felt Roof Repair & Renew

Flat felt roofs are known for being problematic, with many suffering leaks through vulnerable areas such as overlaps, upstands and penetrations in the roof substrate. However, a well-designed liquid waterproofing system will eliminate these issues without the need to strip the existing surface.

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