Our Structural Waterproofing and Radon Protection System provides you with a high-performance solution to all your structural, underground and tanking projects.

Structural waterproofing is often used to protect structures below ground from damp/water tables by using a physical barrier, such as our seamless liquid applied systems. They are used to create dry environments in basements, tunnels and lift pits, protect against deterioration in car parks, on balconies and decks and also to provide waterproofing for functional purposes such as water tanks.


Not only do our systems provide you with a high performance waterproofing membrane but they have also been tested and certified for use as a radon protection barrier, acting to block against this naturally occurring harmful radioactive gas.

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Tanking Waterproofing

We specialise in bespoke spray applied waterproofing systems that can be applied to all vertical and horizontal surfaces that require waterproofing or protection from the elements.

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