Asbestos is a mineral fiber that is that was commonly used in building materials during the 1900’s until it was later banned in most EU countries, including Ireland & the UK in the early 2000s, due to the profound health risk that was discovered by construction workers who came into contact with the toxic asbestos fibers that was emitted if the asbestos was cracked or broken. These toxic fibres claimed the lives of many workers & their families due to the lack of knowledge surrounding the risk of asbestos.

YES…If your commercial or residential property was built between 1900 & 2001 their is a high likelihood that some of the materials used in the construction contain asbestos. The most common place for asbestos to be found is in the fibro sheeting of your properties ceilings & roofs.

It depends on the condition that the asbestos is in. The majority of asbestos is safe if not touched however if the asbestos is cracked or damaged the fibres will be released into the air & exposure to the toxic fibres can lead to asbestosis, lung cancer & mesothelioma. These extremely serious illnesses can be potentially fatal.

Absolutely not!…asbestos must only be removed by a fully trained & qualified asbestos removal team with the correct knowledge & protective equipment.

Removing asbestos can a very expensive & time-consuming, Commercial properties may suffer significant financial losses because your property would have to closes or relocated as it can pose serious health risks to your staff & customers during the removal phase.

Ever Ready Building & Roofing can offer you a more cost effective & environmentally friendly solution for up to 50% less than roof removal.

Asbestos roof recovering is a safer, quicker & cost-effective solution to containing & making safe your asbestos roof. Essentially what we do is construct a steel roof over your asbestos roof enveloping the asbestos preventing it from cracking & asbestos fibres being released into the environment. This option costs up to 50% less than roof removal & does not disrupt your business in any way. We offer a 30-year guarantee on our roof recovering.

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